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Shipping Prices (added to order)
Number of Springs Shipping Price
10 $14.00
20 $18.00
30-40 $20.00
50 $22.00
60 $24.00
70 $26.00
80-100 $28.00
110 $30.00
120-130 $32.00

New Trampoline Springs

Are your springs stretched out of shape? Cracked or broken? Rusted beyond recognition? Super Fun Trampolines sells heavy-duty, high tensile tapered springs made from galvanized steel to reduce the chance of warping or rusting. Our springs are tapered to prevent stretching and greatly enhance durability.

Measuring Instructions

To order the correct springs for your trampoline, measure from the end of one hook to the end of the other hook while the spring is not stretched.

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